DDP, RVB Skin Lab, Cleansing, Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON
Deep cleansing treatment for cellular detoxification and vitality.
It activates the skin purification system and stimulates cell regeneration.

A well-balanced skin is more receptive and can maximize the efficacy of the new
multi-revitalizing 51 +3 HYALU COMPLEX™.

HYDRAMOIST: moisturizing & cleansing
HYALURONIC ACID: moisturizing & smoothing
AMINO ACIDS: develops collagen, elastin & keratin
ALPHA LIPOIC ACID: oxygenating & protective
PURI-ENZYME: exfoliating & smoothing

Every Day: Micellar Cleansing Milk & Revitalising Tonic
Shock Action: Detoxifying Essential Concentrate
1 to 2x's per Week: Regenerating scrub.

Purifying & oxygenating with hydramoist.

RVB Skin Lab Micellar Cleansing Milk is a soft micellar solution specifically designed to cleanse skin deeply and gently. It delicately removes make-up from face and eyes maintaining the appropriate level of hydration and combating the drying action of hard water. It leaves the skin soft and fresh. Ideal for all types of skin.

How to use: morning and evening, by gently applying the product with a cotton pad on your face in a circular motion to remove all impurities and make-up residue. Then remove excess oil with the revitalizing tonic.

Moisturizing & refreshing with hyaluronic acid.

DDP RVB Skin Lab Revitalizing Tonic Refreshing water with moisturizing and restorative effects. To be combined with the cleansing treatment to make skin more receptive for following treatments, providing active ingredients with toning, moisturizing and protective effects.

Without alcohol. It does not irritate the eyes.

How to use: apply the product with a cotton pad, gently tapping all over face and neck.

DDP RVB Skin Lab Detoxifying cleansing Foam;A soft airy foam with detoxifying active ingredients, leaves skin fresh, clear and bright. Perfect for gray/dull, normal, mixed or oily skins.
Active ingredients: Cell Detoxium, Vitamin C, Regenerating Amino Acid Complex , Probiotic Lactobacilli, Pre-Biotic, Panthenol

Detoxifying Essential Serum;  Oxygenating and revitalizing with alpha-lipoic acid.

Intensive treatment to detoxify cells, rich in CELL DETOXIUM. It restores the skin balance and gives new energy to skin damaged by toxins produced by pollution, stress and free radicals, making it more receptive to subsequent treatments. Alpha-lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant and stimulates cellular vitality contrasting loss of firmness and of elasticity.

How to use: morning and evening, to be applied with a gentle massage avoiding the areas around the eyes and before the usual cream, with the aim to increase its effectiveness.

Every Day.  Soft and refreshing with hydramoist.

Micellar Cleansing Water -based detergent designed to remove both makeup and impurities from face, eyes and lips in a delicate and easy manner, no need to rinse, it does not leave oily traces and does not dry the skin.

With hyaluronic acid, panthenol and elicina (snail slime extract), it moisturizes and makes skin firmer, it makes it possible not to use a tonic treatment after cleansing.

No alcohol and no preservatives. It is ideal to cleanse sensitive and couperose skin. 

How to use: morning and evening. Apply the product with a cotton pad on your face in a circular motion to remove all impurities and make-up residue. Rinse with fresh water.

Oxygenating Jelly Scrub. More then just a scrub! This environmentally friendly sugar crystals scrub is perfect for an effective smoothing action plus multiple skin benefits!

Featuring: organic nasturtium flower, Improves oxygen supply and helps the skin breathe better.
Organic Orange Flower Extract: an aromatic extract with a detoxifying and purifying action to leave skin fresh and bright.
Organic Dandelion Juice:antioxidant vitamins to defend against skin ageing and get rid of the free radicals that have built up over the summer.

 Cleansing Water + Makeup Remover + Moisturizing Treatment 
Innovative Bi-phasic formula to quickly cleanse and treat the skin while removing even waterproof makeup: 

  • The first phase cleanses and removes dirt and impurities, using CELL DETOXIUM to detoxify and leaves skin fresh and pure. 
  • The next phase is enriched with OMEGA-3 to quickly remove all traces of makeup (even waterproof) and leave the skin soft and nourished without greasy residue. 
  • Does not burn eyes, gentle even on sensitive skin. 
  • Moisturizing, soothing, oxygenating and detoxifying. 
  • One step product with multiple benefits, ideal or clients with busy lifestyle. 
  • Homecare and professional product in one bulk size. 
  • No rinse formula.