best microcurrent Facial, Toronto, ON

The face is an amazing structure of muscle, collagen, elastin, blood vessels and nerves.
Micro-Current and LightStim LLLT Therapy Facials are the ideal way to refresh and revive the face. Treatments over time realize amazing accumulative results, resulting in a fresher, younger looking face. Brows are lifted, cheeks are fuller, the jawline and neck improve.
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Pink Avenue Microcurren, Anatomy of a Face, Toronto, ON frontalis: the forehead
corrugator: the brow
nasalis: the nose
obicularis oculi: around the eye
levator labii: raises the upper lip
masseter: closes the jaw
Obicularis oris: purses the lips
risoris: draws the lips in a smile
buccinator: pulls the lips wide and tight
depressor labii: lowers the lower lips
depressor anguli oris: lowers the bottom corner of the lips
levator anguli oris (not shown): raises the upper corner of the lips
pterigoid (not shown): pulls jaw back or shut
mentalis: pulls chin down



Best Micro-Current Facials, Toronto, ON, Pink Avenue

When you have a series of Toronto's best microcurrent facial sculpting treatments at Pink Avenue Aesthetics, your progress is photo documented. This private photo is the proof of the amazing youthful changes of the face as a result of microcurrent and LED Light Therapy. 

The photo is very important as a tool to see the progress you are making with your microcurrent facial, Toronto, ON  sculpting series. 
Each photo is taken in the same expression.
Facial expression continuity is important for the before & after photos, as one could manipulate the 'look' of the results with a smile, which would naturally lift the cheek and jawline.
The microcurrent facial treatment has to speak for itself in the photo proof. 

Best Micro Current Facial, Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON
Best Micro current facial, Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON
best micro current facial, Toronto, ON, Pink Avenue Skin Care

Meet K.  December 2016 we started with a MicroCurrent Series at one per week for 10 , occasionally every 2 weeks, time permitting. After the series  she has averaged a Micro Current booster every month and is using her
Pink Avenue Skin Care faithfully AM & PM. The benefits will continue to accumulate over time with
Microcurrent & Pink Avenue Skin Care. Smart, non-invasive, needle & injection free, face care. 

  • Salicylic Cleanser
  • Vita C Peptide Spray 
  • Hydra Firm Eye Gel
  • C-Complex Serum 
  • Triple Benefits Face Creme followed by Sunscreen in the AM. 
Best micro current facial, Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON
best microcurrent, face rejuvenation, Toronto, Pink Avenue Skin Care
best microcurrent, face rejuvenation, Toronto, Pink Avenue Skin Care

Meet D.  She was looking for a non-invasive approach without injections or needles to refresh her face.
The perfect solution is a series of 10 Microcurrent Facials, 1 per week (occasionally every 2 weeks due to holiday scheduales) & faithful use of Pink Avenue Skin Care.  

  • Salicylic Cleanser AM & PM 
  • EGF Serum  AM & PM 
  • Hydra Soothe Serum AM & PM 
  • EGF Stem Cell Creme  AM & PM 
  • Firm Contour Eye Creme AM & PM 

Would you like to look younger, 2.5 years later
Pink Avenue Microcurrent & Pink Avenue Skin Care.

best microcurrent facial, toronto, ON, Best Skin Care, Toronto, ON
best microcurrent facial, Toronto, ON
best micro current facial, Pink Avenue, Toronto

Meet G. She was looking to refresh as a 'big' birthday was on the horizon. During her 12 sessions, once per week, she used  Pink Avenue Salicylic Cleanser, C Stem Serum, Triple Benefits Face Creme, Firm Contour Eye Creme at home.
As she wanted to target expression lines without injections she used Pink Avenue Perfect Expression Line Treatment on dynamic expression lines 2x's per day. The results? Amazing! 

The  power of one micro current treatment and a glycolic peel.

Meet R.  23 years old.
After a busy session in college she needed refreshing. R had a Pro G 70 peel and a Micro current and
LED light therapy session. In just one treatment she is visibly refreshed an and muscle tone revived.
Ah, youth is wasted on the young:)

Due to her youth, it takes very little to 'recharge the face.' She is using Salicylic Cleanser, Hydra Soothe Serum, Triple Benefits Face Creme and Firm Contour Eye Creme at home. To get ready for a busy summer of work she is having 4 more peels & micro current. I will post the results soon.

Best Micro-Current Facials, Toronto, ON, Pink Avenue

Ageless Aging with Microcurrent

Best microcurrent facial, Pink Avenue Skin Care, Toronto, OM

Like the muscles of your body, your facial muscles are kinetic and respond to stimulus, just as the body muscles respond to weight lifting and exercise. Just like the muscles of the body, facial muscles are affected by time, gravity and life style .

Pink Avenue, Toronto, Microcurrent facials are the best exercise for the face. By using low doses of electrical current applied to the points of origin and insertion of the small muscles of the face, the facial muscles are stimulated ('exercised'), resulting in a firmer, more youthful contour of the face. Pink Avenue Micro current Facials are non-invasive, require no needles or injections. More importantly the treatment will not artificially alter the natural beauty of your face.

A series of treatments, 8 to 12 close together (1- 2 per week) are required to re-educate the muscle. Monthly treatments afterwards maintains the results. Monthly microcurrent facial sculpting boosters along with cosmeceutical skincareensure continuous accumulative muscle benefits through the years and into your next decades, as demonstrated in the photo above.

Understanding your facial muscles and their function is a smart way to understand the value of micro current facial treatments.

Pink Avenue Micro-Current Facial Series of 12.

Client has had 11 micro-current facial treatments, 1 to 2 per week. Having the micro current facial treatments at Pink Avenue Aesthetics, Toronto, close together enables the muscle to improve it's memory and eventually tighten and shorten,like the muscles of the body that respond to weight training. Click on photos for a closer look.

Pink Avenue microcurrent facial treatments are the 'personal trainer' for your facial muscles.
Our client is also using a Pink Avenue Skin Care program at home, Triple Benefits Face Creme, Firm Contour Eye Creme and Hydra Soothe Serum am & pm.
For your complimentary micro-current facial series consultation
at Pink Avenue Aesthetics,Toronto, contact us today.


Best Micro-Current Facials, Toronto, ON, Pink AvenueAs the muscle located over the eye socket ages, it lengthens. As a result the eye hollows under the eye, laugh lines become more pronounced and a "tired look" settles in. Menopause and the diminished estrogen also results in less collagen in the tissue around the eyes, so the skin appears thinner. Dark shadows become more prominent.

Micorocurrent applied to the muscle around the eye re educates the obicularis occuli muscle, shortening and tightening resulting in a defined increase in muscle convexity, fullness and the under eye area appears to "fill".  The result is a far more refreshed, youthful look and contour. 

best micro current facial, Pink Avenue, Toronto

My client received 12 treatments and followed the prescribed eye regime at home,
Triple Stem Serum 2x's daily followed by Firm Contour Eye Creme.


The muscles of the mouth support the lips and the natural fullness you were born with. Over time the muscles around the mouth lengthen and shorten. As a result the lip begins to turn in as the muscles age. It is very common to see very elderly people with little or no lips as the muscles have aged to the extent that the lips have turned in facialdramatically.

Microcurrent facials re -educate muscle memory causing a lift effect. As the muscle tone improves with treatment, the lips return to the natural 'bloom' fully supported by the muscles of the mouth. Which begs the question, do lip injections make sense if the muscles of the mouth lack tone?

The muscles of the face are a natural wonder of 'architectural perfection'. For results as above, toning and firming the entire facial muscle structure is the smartest way to achieve the best results.


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